This will Forever Change International Calling!

Pin less dialing! Great rates! No fees! You sign up the customer and they are yours for the life of the account! You get paid whether they top-up at your store or not.

Xtel Prepaid makes saving money easy! You get the most for your money, most competitive rates for the country without any gimmicks. That’s right, no additional fees, no strange minute rounding, no monthly fees, and no expiration dates. In other words, this product comes with no surprises! The customer uses it from any carrier they wish; home, office, or cell. Access numbers are local numbers or the customer can access through an 800 number.

Customers will never lose minutes again. Minutes stay in there account as long as they don’t use them. Additionally, with the Auto-Recharge feature, customers can setup their account to automatically recharge their minutes when they fall below $3.

Have a long international number that’s hard to remember? With this product your customers can setup speed dial numbers into their account’s memory, saving them time and hassle. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information on this wonderful new product.

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